Program Version License Trial
EZ-Shear Wall v1.1 $39 *EZ-Shear Wall Trial
EZ-Shear Wall for ETABS v1.1 $39 *EZ-Shear Wall ETABS Trial
EZ-Pile Regular v1.0 $39 **EZ-Pile Regular Trial
EZ-Pile Irregular v1.0 $39 **EZ-Pile Irregular Trial
EZ-Pile Optmizer v1.1 $39 **EZ-Pile Optimizer Trial

Prices shown above are suggested donations in US dollars, after we receive the payments we will issue a license code within 4 hours if we get the request between 8AM to 6PM eastern time (EST), and within 12 hours if we get the request at other times.

* Limitation of Trial version: Concrete compression strength (f'c) can not be changed from 4000psi

** Limitation of Trial version: Piles are limited to have same tension and compression capacity

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